FALL Start!

September is the NEW “New Year” to set your Fitness Goals. As Orange is the new Black , Our 30’s are now the new 20’s and your 40’s are the new 30’s . September is now the new month to reset fitness goals.

January might feel like the time for new resolutions and new goals but in the fitness industry the real time for change is in September. Kids go back to school, your regular schedule resumes and the SEASON of change is in the air.

September is the time to get back on track and set your goals for the rest of the year and I am going to give you some fabulous reasons why:

1. Starting in September you have 9 great months to get in shape and make something happen before the next bathing suit season.

By starting fitness & dietary goals in September the pace is in sync with ideal results for summer time bodies. The real change comes over the 9 months without feeling rushed or stressed out. We all know there’s nothing worse than that first warm spring day when you have to start stripping down into a t-shirt & tanks, knowing you are not where you want to be in those favorite shorts. It’s so important to set yourself up to feel good and in time with the season. The Should’ve, Could’ve is the Old way of thinking. To begin in September is less stress on the body and mind. Stepping into that bathing suit will prove positive that the three extra months was worth investing in yourself.

2. You are just coming off the summer season, and even if you got into great summer shape, you need to preserve it! Keep your results and reverse any damage.

It’s the perfect time to hold onto some of the fitness progress you made from summer. However, you likely ate more and drank more during the months of American Traditions of Summer BBQ and Vacations. Fun times! So to keep what hasn’t been lost, the maintenance of fit bodies starts
NOW to improve our bodies for the next summer season.

3. September, October, November and December are the Festive weight gaining months. Even after Jan 1st we are still nibbling on delicious left over cookies and cakes.

Setting the tone with your fitness regime in September helps fight off the damage that can be incurred by football food in September, Halloween Candy and Pumpkin beer in October, looking like a Turkey by November, then giving up and indulging in everything during Christmas and Hanukah, hoping it’s all going to just go away with a January New Year’s Resolution!

IF ANYTHING, by maintaining a fitness routine NOW, you are less likely to add on additional pounds. You have already formed good workout habits by making that JANUARY resolution IN THE FRESH CRISP FALL SEASON of September. By Spring your fitness goals are so much easier to maintain and the feeling of success is looking back at you in the mirror with a Big Barre-Tique Smile!

Which is why Barre-Tique Fitness could not agree more with the article written by Lizette Borreli

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