Founder/Master Trainer

As a small child, and through adulthood, I’ve spent most of my years at the barre, training as a dancer. It is a place I have always returned to. It’s a good place to measure my physical abilities. I have been creatively teaching jazz choreography for over 20 years, and have been a religious committed yogi for over ten. Dance and Yoga methodologies have shaped my whole life. Have a life is a stage attitude, and never let anyone steal your peace. Throughout my life, I have trained many dancers how to be physically fit and make the most out of their bodies no matter what the shape.

Body alignment and dance conditioning are core elements to possessing a long lean, physically fit shape that so many of us desire. Then during my child-bearing years, I developed a serious thyroid condition. It brought my metabolism to a grinding halt. At one point, I found myself over 200 lbs at FIVE FOOT.

Ugh! It wasn’t pretty.

In truth, I lost my sense of self for a while. I didn’t recognize the person that was putting on the clothes that I picked out in the mirror.That’s when I returned to the Barre and applied all the concepts of dance conditioning, yoga, pilates, and stretch. Today, you would never know I was that person. I got my body and confidence back. Loving life!

Barre-Tique Fitness My classes are filled with motivation, great energy, inspiring playlists and choreographed movements that a novice or an advanced dancer can use to reap the benefits of a longer, leaner, stronger, and healthier body. We must preserve our bodies at every age. Barre-Tique Fitness is a workout designed to burn cellulite and sculpt muscle tissue. It can transform your body shape with silhouette style results. The best part of life’s journey is making other people feel good about themselves.

Raise the Barre on Your Work Out !