Fun Fitness Classes on Long Island

Forget downward-facing dog on your yoga matt for a day. Instead stretch in the air with an aerial silk at Barre-Tique Fitness. This fitness spot is known for helping clients get a dancer’s body with its core-infused classes, but it’s cranking it up a notch with Levi-Tique aerial barre.

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Healthy Living: Barre: Energy/Fitness

Do you have Verizon FiOS1-Long Island? Well if not, be sure to check out our feature on push-PAUSE with Diane Victoria Caruso. Barre-tique Fitness is so grateful to be able to share our story and our mission. To be able to have such a positive impact on our clients through Barre-Tique means all the world to us.

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What To Wear While Working Out

Let’s face it, your 9 to 5 uniform isn’t always the most functional. Those five-inch heels aren’t the best for hauling ass to flag a cab or catch the 5:30 train, but they’re making a killer impression on your colleagues and superiors. But when it comes to working with your #fitfam, the dress code calls for functional pieces that will keep you comfortable, injury-free and yes, stylish, while you chase after your goals.

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Fitness Pros Share Their Workout Playlists

Fitness pros know when the going gets tough, the music gets louder. The perfect playlist can help you complete that last rep or set of eights or push just a little longer to run your farthest distance yet. This isn’t a theory. Studies have proven that music can boost your running performance by 15 percent and that people who listened to music while cycling needed 7 percent less oxygen than those who did not. To help you find the perfect songs to upgrade your workout playlists, I turned to three local fitness pros to see what they’re blasting. Get ready to pump up the volume on your routine.

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Workout Wednesday: Barre-tique

It’s week two of our Workout Wednesday Series, and We’re heading to a Barre-tique class over at Back Stage Studio to get a glimpse of what gives dancers such toned bodies…..

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