Raising the Barre to Nutrition

Do you need the winter bulk shredded, or just a few body parts fine-tuned?
Pledge 2 Summer is here! Think of it as a direct deposit into your “personal fitness bank account.”
We witness the glory of successful changes on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.
Our clients can attest to their success: the Decision to Commit and Succeed are worthwhile.

The question is how do you get there? Will it work?
YES and YES: it’s not a secret—take action.

How about Mom’s sauce on Sundays?
No worries, Just keep in mind that an al dente pasta
or bread has been proven to have a lower glycemic index. In other words, the body digests it very slowly .

In effect, the release of energy is STEADY. In the very essence of the PASTA there is a “physical entrapment of ungelatinized starch granules in a sponge-like network of protein molecules .” Whereas a soft pasta or soft breads have fully gelatinized spiking blood sugars, leaving the body crashing and craving. Be on the Look Out for this pattern of feeling low in energy.

Bringing food into the formula of fitness should NOT be taken on as ‘on a Diet.’ Eating in moderation doesn’t have to be a punishment. You can always designate a dessert night, a burger night, or whatever you like. Moderate. Don’t obliterate.

All Good things in All Good Time.
Take a moment, maybe while sitting at yet another red light and plan out a meal or your class schedule.
If the morning workout isn’t fitting into your schedule: research has shown we go up to 20% longer in the evenings, and at a higher intensity. Performance peaks 11 hours after waking for late risers, per a new study from England’s University of Birmingham. (Even early birds fare better later: They did best aerobically about six hours after waking.)

Levi-Tique is a great addition to Barre-Tique classes, as it focuses on building core strength.
We are all human, if we fall it’s important to just get back up and keep going. It’s not about comparing yourself to a model, it’s about being yourself—be a Barre Babe Trail Blazer!
Working out HARD and transforming together. We celebrate our very own Personal Best together.

Healthy Bodies, beautiful Minds, That’s what we strive for.
Beautiful, Blessed, Barre Obsessed!

TIME and PATIENCE (and healthy nutrition)
Taking 2 to 4 Barre-tique fitness classes per week is a great way to start. But you’ll also need to dig deep and become mindful of your body. You will need time. A positive mind and a healthy body are both maintained nutritionally. Visible changes will become apparent after 40-90 days.
We take the Pledge to be our personal best, and only the mirror at the studio can show us how hard we are working!

We’re all about long, lean and ever-lasting body fitness, rather than speedy and forgotten in a few months. It’s important to understand your own metabolism, because the more you work out, the more fuel you’ll need.

Breakfast is huge!
Try proteins for breakfast—eggs or even a long burning, low in sugar grain, like Steel Oats.
Add berries, they are filled with anti-oxidants & flavonoids & they are pretty to look at.

BEWARE of diet sweeteners and colas. They have been proven to leave you craving carbs, and USE ONLY A PINCH OF SUGAR IN THE RAW or HONEY.

By working out in the morning, you’re taking advantage of naturally circulating hormones as they’re peaking, rather than later in the day when they’re lower.

For Lunch, remove a slice of bread from your sandwich or have that salad AND make sure it has protein to sustain muscle growth in your workouts. Think about making your own salad dressing.

Think about what you’re eating and how many times it has been separated from its source.

Processed foods tend to cause inflammation, bloating, headaches, breakouts and eczema—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you crave carbonated drinks perhaps switch on an off. Try no sodium seltzer with lemon. Water is always the way to go for a hydrated healthy glow.


On time to class—means ON TIME FOR SUMMER.
Through diligence and to healthy nutritional choices, the transformation is apparent. The changes are proof this works.

There’s no better feeling but to Arrive on Time for Summer !

RAISE THE BARRE TO FITNESS ! We Raise the Barre to all the Barre Babes out there!!!