Sowing the Seeds of Fitness

Barre Babes are born in September! If you’re new to Barre-tique Fitness you will experience changes to your body along with a mind & soul connection. Seeds of success in your fitness awareness are sown in the very first weeks. The change is undeniable, & as you begin to feel a difference in your clothes~ perhaps the positive comments begin to flow in ~ the Barre Babe is Born!
September is the month were routines take root and the idea to hit the reset button feels in sync with the upcoming changes in the season.
Change can be difficult at times. We women understand all about this ebb and flow. Barre-tique fitness is a Barre where everyone knows your name. Classes are FUNTASTIC! Filling an ENTIRE hour of muscle toning , leg shakin’, butt sculpting, cardio blasting and full body & mind engagement . The routines change , keeping it real & in tempo with our Barre-licious Instructors as they guide us through an uplifting & motivating Class.
The very foundation for success is set! Hundreds of Barre Babes decided to commit to change inside the Studio of Barre-tique Fitness. The attraction that creates a Barre Babe is that special inner feeling that grows as you keep coming to class. It’s no ordinary Class because it does not feel like work. It becomes a personal sanctuary. Even if it is hard to leave the house on those cooler Fall nights , the beauty of Barre-tique is it feels like home.


Once you’re sitting on the mat and the instructor says ” Open wide, pointed toes ~ sit tall with arms out in front…” music fills the room~ the stretching begins. The decision to follow thru is realized as a full sense of gratitude fills you up in that very moment~ inside, the opening stretch you KNOW you are just doing it!! The Barre Babe is in full action.

When you begin to see the changes it becomes an addiction!

Because attending class makes you feel great! Feeling better about yourself through Action & Commitment is what being a Barre-tique Fitness Athlete is all about. Welcome to the Club, no one said it would be easy~ We just make it look that way.

If your purpose is to get toned, build muscle, last longer or recover faster juicing is where it’s at.
95% of vitamins and enzymes our bodies need come from the juice of fruits and veggies, which makes a wonderful Juice marriage inside our gut. Juicing requires less energy to digest and cooking our vegetables actually reduces & at times destroys essential enzyme content. Juicing has been known to alleviate skin diseases and immune disorders reducing high blood pressure,& cleansing, improving digestion, burning fat and fighting cancer.
Hydration is so important, wether you are a serious athlete or just working out , regulates the bodies temperature and lubricates your joints.
Barre Babes are Athletes. Functioning at the highest level brings optimum results. Living in the body & mind connection ; a purposeful cellular lifestyle is the key to less injuries, solid muscle formation, clear skin and an inner hydration that is vital for every body.

“Healthy , Hydrated cells are the key to ageless skin and a healthy body.” It takes water to sow seeds. The Seeds of success are planted in the very first Barre-Tique Fitness classes you attend, because that’s where one can find a new sense of passion for a self fulfilling hour that brings forth the most amazing gifts. To bond a perfect Union Levi-Tique taps into the core, ending each class in a moment of Glitter time~ a moment of quiet peace on the cellular level of spiritual blossoms.