LEVI-TIQUE is an Aerial Yoga-infused Barre class. The pliés, relevés, tucks, & pulses are all there from Barre-Tique Class! However, the Silks become the ballet barre, while we continue our Inner thigh exercises, deep stretches and Aerial balance poses. A new fine tuning of the entire body & balance awareness is born. The silky sling like hammock supports your full body weight in some poses, while other exercises like tricep dips or push ups, the Silks will be adjusted accordingly.

As Levi-Tique takes you off the ground, core strength is immediately engaged without even realizing it. All the elements of isometric strength training are present- just add a touch of free floating, restorative decompression & a surge of blood circulation to the head leaving the body de-stressed & refreshed!

LEVI-TIQUE is the perfect addition to your Barre-Tique Fitness class. It will act as a restorative compliment to your workout regime inside our STATE OF THE ART STUDIO.

The result is a hybrid of standard barre, aerial yoga, and dance strength training.

Is the Workout as Good or the Same as a Regular Barre Class?

In the traditional sense, No- it is not the same. It may be a slower version of Barre, however the upper body workout is doubled.  While certain sections can be challenging- perhaps getting used to hanging upside down will be new ,Yet- pulsing in relevé for another 8 counts is a given in Both Barre- & Levi-Tique. Some of the moves require a decent amount of demonstration, so there’s a bit of “standing around time” compared to a traditional Barre-Tique Fitness Class. The emphasis is placed on stretching and decompressing, rather than total muscle fatigue. The LEVI-TIQUE AERIAL BARRE program will work your muscles in totally new ways, & with it comes unique benefits. Our program will help decompress the spine, stimulate circulation and send blood to the brain, refreshing the endocrine & digestive systems. Aerial Barre will leave you feeling like an acrobat, regardless of your skills or fitness level.


A LEVI-TIQUE Class may seem intimidating, but rest assure our instructors do a great job accommodating the wide range of skill levels in the class. It is recommended to take 10 Barre-Tique Fitness classes prior to trying a Levi-Tique class. This will give you the foundation, stamina & confidence for a successful class.

A LEVI-TIQUE Aerial Barre Class is an excellent addition to your current workout at our studio.


  • Psychological Benefits
  • Improves Flexibility
  • Aids in the Healing of back problems
  • Increases Strength
  • Improves Balance
  • Aids Digestion
  • Improves Memory
  • Puts you in a great mood
  • Circulation & Heart Disease
  • Invigorates & Stimulates ageless beauty Inside & Out